vegetal matter
Vision's manual.
Urpflanze, Gœthe's archetypical plant. An hypersensitive force, capable to evolve in myriad of different shapes and carries all vegetal entities potential.
Little black and white plants vegetate undisturbed, spread on Cartesian planes with no Z axis.
Deprived of matter, colour and thickness, they celebrate the facets of their universe, through different pretexts creating symbolic paths of intepretation: growing phases becomes shape evolution, the gardens cages, the soil pattern.
bichromatic, static.
Euclidean inflorescences
swarm in 2D.
The vegetal world
sectioned and revisited.
as language.
The geometry is actress in the formal synthesis of the vegetating element, only the structure stays present to testimoniate the development of the shape in space and time, this is the conveyed information: the extricating of the vegetal creature in his habitat, his taking shape and position.